Hello, these are some words about me.
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My name is Alex Burner. I have been to
a handful of schools and held a handful
of jobs. I was working for ground(ctrl) but
now I attend the University of Washington.
No matter the work or title, I still consider
myself a student. I will be done learning
when I am six feet underground.


Most of my time is spent poking in dusty
corners and wondering how things all fit
together. I enjoy noodling around with web
design & development, geometry, physics,
philosophy, and photography. I am rooted
in systems design, information architecture,
user experience, identity, and sustainability.


The world is not perfect. But if everything was
perfect—if every problem was solved, if every
hunger was filled—what would be left for us?
Better with some mess & mystery. Idle hands
itch for good work to do, and there is always
more work waiting to be done. Every time is
a chance to do better as we endlessly dance
with our golden balance of harmony.


Creation is a fusion of forces, needing both
flashes of inspiration and stretches of grind.
Some great work can be done taking a shower
or getting a fresh breath outdoors. Eventually,
every idea gem needs to be cut and polished
and packaged and distributed. So the when
is a blend between dreaming and doing.


I grew up in the suburbs of Washington.
I have lived in cities like New York, NY and
towns like Pullman, WA. Currently I am living
in Seattle, WA. I enjoy good balance between
urban and nature. I will work remotely from
anywhere, but I always respect the warmth
and power of meeting someone in person.


Obsessiveness. Restlessness.
A stubborn refusal to grow up.
Cynicism for the big picture.
But eternal hope anyways.